Hello, I'm Brandi Carballo, professional photographer. I wanted to keep things simple, so instead of making you guess how to pronounce "Carballo" I call my business Studio C Photography. Welcome to my Salem, Oregon Studio.

I come from a long line of hobbyist photographers. I have cameras and photographs dating back 5 generations. I have boxes of photos of relatives I've never even met. But most importantly, I have photos of my mom and grandparents. They have all passed on, but because of my family's love for photography and capturing memories, I have countless photos of them. I have photographs of my mother at every age - from infancy until shortly before the last time I saw her. Those photos are memories of my happy childhood and the wonderful mother who made me who I am today. There are photographs from birthdays, holidays, vacations and random Saturdays. Even though my children were young when she passed away, I have dozens of pictures of them with her. But one day I came to a realization. I realized that I have almost no photographs of myself. I'm always the photographer, never in the photo. That isn't just a problem photographers have, it's a mom problem. My mission in my business is to change that. Along with the family portraits, the photos of your kids, lets create stunning images for you to keep for generations to come.